I bet some of you might be wondering if I really do love my job as much as I say I do. I know I sound like it’s all pretty amazing, but I have to admit that everytime I gush over a sweet little one, or the perfect little session..it’s true! I really do love what I do, and there is no job I’d rather have then getting to document the moments and milestones of life for these families. it is very rewarding, and I take a lot of pride in making sure I deliver high quality and memorable images.

This precious little angel is one of my most recent sessions, and she was just a doll. Haylinn Jade was named after her mom and her aunt, and was born in April. She weighed in at just over seven pounds, and was welcomed home by a very eager big sister, Harper! “Harper loves her, and is very protective of her baby sister. She gets excited when Haylinn does new things like smiling and making noises! I can’t wait to watch them become best friends and play together”, says mom, “I think the most rewarding thing about being a parent is loving this little person more than you ever know you could, and feeling love and dependability in return. I feel that my life didn’t begin until I became a parent. Even at the end of the hard days, it is wonderful to know that my girls are happy, loved, and healthy, and that is all that matters. Watching them become their own little people, and grow and learn is so enjoyable”.

My newborn sessions are often described by my clients, as something “irreplaceable”. I’ve found that the newborn shoots are much less stressful and intense than new parents realize, and I truly try to take care of every details so all they have to do is show up and feed the baby! After all, when you’re sleep deprived and juggling a new baby, the last thing you need is to be stressed over a newborn shoot! Find more newborn sessions here.



Take one look at this little trio, and it’s pretty obvious that the newest baby to come will sure be beautiful! What a gorgeous mommy, big sister, and big brother. I have known Katy (mama-to-be) for several years and have just loved capturing their family memories. I am looking forward to capturing one more little one when she makes her arrival. For Katy’s maternity session, we went for a clean and fresh look with lots of white and green tones, and a floral theme.

Katy explains, “We were young when we had our first two children, and they were very close in age. Our older daughter was just a year old when we found out we were pregnant with our son, and they are now 5 and 7.” She said the pregnancy was very different, and more rewarding, since she was a more experienced parent. “I love hearing the plans that big sister and big brother have for her”, adds Katy, “Bella wants to teach her to dance and talk, and loves buying her shoes! Mason claims he is going to bring me things when I need them, and that he wants to teach her how to walk!” Mason and Bella were so sweet during this session, and so loving to their mother and unborn sister. I know they will be wonderful siblings, and take great care of the new baby! “My husband and I talk about about how we plan on taking things slower with this baby”, she concludes, “No more rushing for all of those firsts! We will just sit back and let them happen, and remember and savor it more. Our newest baby, Elena, is going to be the perfect ‘caboose’ to our family, and is going to be loved. Our little ‘party of five’ is going to be exactly what God has planned for us.”

I can’t wait to meet little Elena, and I know her family feels the same. What a blessed and loved little girl she will be!




Each parent who comes through my door has their own vision and hope for their session. Whether they want sweet and simple neutrals, or bold and colorful props, I want every parent to feel heard and cared for. After all, the reason they come to me is to document the most precious little people in their world! This little girl’s mommy wanted to specifically capture her little features: her hands, her little feet, and her beautiful eyes. Those were the things that change so quickly, and the ones she wanted to remember forever. I agree…these days just fly by, and before you know it, we will be planning and dreaming up her one year old session!

Mom says, “Elise absolutely loves our dog Brooke, who can always make her laugh. She loves being sung to, and reading books. Bath time is her favorite, and she adores sitting and splashing in the bathtub”. I loved getting to elicit all the smiles from this little gal, and it sure made my day loads of fun! She has bright and beautiful eyes, and an expressive little voice. As you can see from these images, she is ready to go! “The most rewarding thing about being her parent are the moments early in the morning when she first wakes up”, continues mom, “She is so smiley and cuddly, that I find myself wishing I could paise time. She is soft and gentle, and I know she is going to be easygoing, like her daddy”.

I can’t wait for Elise’s next session, and I know we will have just as much fun! For information about upcoming mini sessions, special offers, and more, please stay tuned to our Facebook page.



I am getting back to my my more traditional photography today, with this darling milestone session! I have so much fun always expanding my craft, and my offerings to my clients (I really want to always meet the needs of the families who come to me), like in my First 48 Sessions. Getting to capture the personalities, smiles, and unique little attitudes of each baby in my “Hello World-Memories and Milestones” plan is just so much fun. The baby plan exists to document each milestone at the newborn, six month, nine month, and one year marks, and we can add on sessions in between whenever you like! Layken is one of the beautiful little ones who is progressing through her first year with lots of sessions. She is now six months old, and a total delight. Layken has a laid-back, pleasant and sweet personality, and a beautiful smile.

“Layken loves the songs My Girl, and You are my Sunshine, and she loves watching Mickey Mouse”, says mom, “She also loves playing with her two year old brother, scooting around on the floor, and she has the sweetest personality. I’m a very proud momma!”

Want more info about my baby and toddler photography? Find more images here, and find the answers to my most frequently asked questions here. I am always available to help answer client’s questions, and truly love meeting and getting to know every family who comes through my door!



I had the special privilege to document this sweet little family’s “Fresh 48” session at the hospital. It was my first time to ever do this type of session, and it was such a blessing. To be there when they had newly welcomed this sweet baby, and witness the family love on their new bundle of joy was a true honor. Several days later, I also was the lucky one to capture their newborn session…she was simply adorable.

“We welcomed Korleigh Ann on March 27th! She was 7lbs, 8 ounces, and twenty inches long”, explains mom, “My husband and I had gone back and forth about having a third baby after our eleven year old son and four year old daughter. About 2 years ago we just decided to let God decide and if we had another baby, then great! Well nothing happened. For a long time. I finally just told my husband that when I turned 30 that was it… no more babies. That must have made God laugh because I turned 30 June 18th, and found out I was pregnant less than a month later!” Due to being diagnosed with thyroid disease after the birth of their older daughter, the couple was pretty shocked because they weren’t sure they could conceive again. “Cue the stress”, laughs mom, “We didn’t have insurance, but God stepped in. A month later in August, my husband’s year with his company made us eligible for insurance. All was well… til November… being in construction my husband lost his job but this time was unexpected, and we had just used most of our savings on paying the deductible for the birth of our baby girl.” Her husband was out of work for four months, but the couple was able to continue making all their payments, which mom says “was a God thing”, and then he found a new job. When Korleigh was born, she adds, “Adjustment was hard, I learned to ask for help; with my husband working nights, but my older kids adjusted better than I could have hoped for. My son is the protector… he quietly watches over everyone’s shoulder while they are holding his youngest sister (including mine) and always willing to help me with whatever I need… big sister wanted to help and always had diapers and wipes to hand to me.”

“The most rewarding thing about being a mom is the cuddles and proud moments of achievement”, she continues, “And my children’s desire to do good.. the amazing humans they are becoming, they are sensitive and respectful… and always willing to give a hug. They know how to make me melt by saying something sweet, no matter how bad my day has been or how irritated at outside things I may be. I am a mom of 3 beautiful, big blue-eyed children who are more beautiful on the inside than anyone I know. And I am proud!” I love their beautiful story, and the perspective from this wise and loving mom. Enjoy their images below!