I’ve been working with lots of neutrals lately, because of their simplicity and elegance. They really create such a beautiful aesthetic, and this session is an example of that. Renee is expecting the couple’s first son soon, and they were excited to celebrate this special, irreplaceable time together. The session was fun, simple, and clean; the all-white styling was so crisp and classy, and was perfectly suited to this couple.

“This is my first pregnancy, and the most rewarding thing is to feel my son moving everyday and hear his heartbeat when we visit the doctor”, she explained to me happily, “It comes with a little bit of nervousness, since this is our first baby, but I enjoy the idea that I get to watch him grow and celebrate his life. He was made from love, and I get to see the excitement on my husband’s face. Hearing his plans for our son is exciting, and I can’t wait to see them come to life.” The two have planned a sweet little nursery with an owl theme. Mom shared with me that it is grey, black, and blue, and they chose owls because they symbolize wisdom.

It won’t be long until Renee and her loving husband welcome their son, Jacob! I wish them nothing but the very best as they embark on the journey of parenting! For more maternity sessions, click HERE.




As someone who specializes in capturing milestones, it would be pretty hard to say which fun milestone is my “favorite”…each one holds such great joy. Whether it’s the gentle coos of newborn clients, the happy “little sitters” like this guy, or the fun of watching babies explore their world at nine months old, I love it all! I get to be there for so many of the first things in the lives of the families I am blessed to meet and work with. This is Jackson, who came to me as part of my baby plan, and who was celebrating turning half a year old! He is a doll (obviously), and was full of smiles. His fun outfits are from one of my favorite vendors, Mia Joy Studio (find them HERE). Mia Joy Studios specializes in handmade, exquisite baby props and clothing, and is one of my very favorite places to get unique pieces.

“Jackson is someone who has brought so much joy to our lives…I know I was always meant to be his mom. Every time he smiles, I just melt”, says his mom, “He had a rough start with some health problems, but we have learned to cherish every day, and we adore him. He loves food, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and he makes us feel complete.” We did a few different backgrounds for this little man, and kept things clean, bright, and neutral. I love the setup with the moon and stars; it is so innocent and sweet.

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Sitting up is such a fun new milestone for my littlest clients. It is the moment when they realize they can see and interact with the world in an exciting new way! Even when they’re bobbling just a bit, sitting up is just a big change, and one that should definitely be documented! I love planning out and designing the props and backdrops/outfits for my “little sitters”, my six month session clients. Stella just celebrated her six month mark and is one of my “Hello World – Memories & Milestones” babies. There is nothing more rewarding than to walk the journey with these littles in the first year and beyond, as well as giving parents the gift of photos they’ll treasure forever.

Stella’s mommy is loving this new stage, and says, “Stella loves bath time with her daddy! He plays 80’s pop music during her bath, and she goes crazy dancing and splashing around in the tub. She loves milk, of course, and taking naps with me! She also loves to be outside, and loves looking at dogs.” Besides those things, she also loves being with her cousins, and is just the happiest little girl. She is nearly always smiling, and has a huge grin. “We waited a long time for her”, adds her mommy, “So now, it is so rewarding that we are getting to experience unconditional love as her parents. The love that she has for us, and the love we have for her, is something we have never experienced before. We waited a long time for her and she is such a blessing. We love watching her grow and waiting for the next exciting milestone!”

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Often expecting mommies wonder when they should book a session, since you never know when a baby is going to make their sweet arrival! I understand that booking a date can seem very tentative, but I understand! As a mother myself, I know that babies are unpredictable. The best strategy is what I currently tell my clients here at the studio: During your first trimester, please contact me to book your date. We will put your tentative date on the calendar, and await your sweet newborn! When they arrive, we schedule a concrete date 5-14 days after their birth.

This precious little boy was darling, and I loved getting to do this neutral-toned, earthy session with some very sweet poses. He was born in February, and weighed just over seven and a half pounds. Elver was very cooperative and calm, and had loads of dark hair and the cutest little cheeks. “I became a mom when I was just a teen, and I couldn’t be more grateful to have become a mother sooner rather than later”, explains his mom, “My children have taught me to be more patient, more loving, and more appreciative of every moment we have as a family. I am now a stay-at-home mom, and it is incredibly rewarding. Spending every second with them and watching their little years, and reliving those first moments, has been pure joy. Baby Elver is so lucky to have two older siblings who love him so much and want to play with him all day!”

At the bottom of the post, you’ll find some precious “detail” shots…little toes, tiny fingers, and full little lips. Those are the things that change so fast as baby grows, so I love documenting them for moms and dads who will want them when the newborn-sleepless-nights pass, and they miss these teeny tiny days! Please contact me HERE to book your newborn session!



Miracles do happen…and this little miracle baby is proof. Although the journey has been hard, there is so much beauty and strength in this mama’s story, and that’s why I wanted to share it on the blog today. Meet Alexa, and her sweet baby, Cash. Alexa shares, “I will never forget the day I went to the doctor for my first ultrasound appointment after finding out I was expecting. The nurse looked at me and said, “Do twins run in your family?” Although I was still in shock I was pregnant with one baby, all my fears turned into an overwhelming feeling of excitment. All I could think from that point forward was the only thing better than one baby is two.” The next few months were filled with the joy and anticipation of preparing for two wonderful baby boys! Alexa says she just pictured their life together, and everything being ‘double the fun’. But the next months held heartbreak and fear as she was admitted for preterm labor at just twenty three weeks along. She did her best to hang on until the critical twenty four week mark, and on July 26th, it was time for her emergency c-section. Alexa gave birth to two micro preemies, the term for very premature newborns…their combined weights were less than two pounds.

“The first time I saw them, I was not sure what to expect, I had no idea babies could even survive after being born that early, and I was praying for a miracle. Even with all of the IV’s and wires covering them, I had never seen two more perfect babies”, continues Alexa. Two days later, baby Vince gained his angel wings in the arms of his mother. “The hardest part after that day was trying to be happy with Cash, while mourning the loss of my son, Vince. But fourteen days later, I was able to hold Cash for the first time, and I was convinced he would be okay. I quit my job, and lived in Houston until I could bring him home”, she explains, “There were so many obstacles for my son in his lengthy stay in the NICU (162 days), but I spent many nights on my knees begging God to let me be able to bring him home. It have me a new perspective on life. I learned to never take for granted something as simple as breathing, because I watched how difficult it was for my baby to breath on his own. After five months of sleepless nights, tears, prayers, and most importantly a perfect guradian angel, I took Cash home without tubes, oxygen, or even any medication.”

Because of the difficult and early birth of her sons, Alexa missed out on things like maternity photos, baby showers, and even newborn photos. That’s why this mommy-and-me session was so meaningful to her, and was such an honor and privilege for me. I feel so moved by her story, and so blessed to have heard it. She is a strong and wonderful mother, and I hope you enjoy seeing her full session below. “Looking back on our journey, the struggle made the bond stronger for me and my son”, she concludes, “Today, Cash is a perfect, healthy, happy miracle baby and it is an honor to be his mommy. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about Vince, but I know both of my boys serve an important purpose in my life. One was meant to be in my heart and the other in my arms.”