Part of my job includes designing and creating the settings that best show off your little bundle of joy! I find such joy in this part of my work, and am always careful to choose a special palette for each baby. For this one, I chose rich, pretty shades of dark plum and light mint, and they were so perfect for baby Kathryn.  We also utilized my favorite setup (the classic, naturally lit floral bed) for some extra special photos of the baby with her devoted big sister. “Our daughter’s name is Kathryn Jean, but we call her Kate. She was named after my husband’s mother and my grandmother, who passed away two years ago”, explains mom, “My grandmother and I were very close.” Kate was born at eight pounds, twelve ounces in July, and during mom’s pregnancy, the family relocated to Texas from California.

“While she was in my tummy, she flew on planes, hiked, traveled for four different states ,and went to Disneyland”, adds mom, “We are so happy to have her in our family. Ava, her big sister is amazing with her. She is very attentive and protected of her, and treats her like her real-life baby doll!” Adding to her new adventures, Kate also endured the recent rains and flooding of Hurricane Harvey…I think she will be quite the brave little girl when she grows up! Mom and dad also shared that their great reward for parenting is all the love, and that at the end of the day, there is always unconditional love in their family.

I think I captured a lot of that sweet bond in these images. Enjoy Kate’s stunning gallery:



Enchanting. That’s one of the best words I can muster up to describe Skylar. It was a truly beautiful day when she and I met up for our session. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and Skylar was flashing her wonderful smile. She’s graduating soon, and has big plans! She loves english, and plans on majoring in it to prepare for her future studies in law school. She also loves to read, which goes hand in hand with her studies, and one of her favorite books is To Kill a Mockingbird. When she’s not reading or studying up, she’s helping teach dance at Lorna Badon School of Fine Arts. She’s been dancing there since she was three, so assisting there is a perfect fit for her.

Our shoot went so smoothly, and Skylar and I had tons of fun working together! We walked all around Orange, looking for locations in town and on the outskirts in the fields. Color was key in our eyes, and we looked for places that would fit the color spectrum of the gorgeous outfits she chose. She’s in love with purple, so the bright leafy greens highlighted her favorite color, and made everything a little bit more earthy. Downtown, we found a rustic house with a lot of character, that played off of her natural beauty, and blended well with the palette we were looking for. All in all, location hunting was a huge success!

Skylar is a busy gal, active in her work and in her school community. She’s a varsity cheerleader, Honor Society president, and a student council member on the yearbook staff. She’s passionate about helping out where she’s needed, and she’s found many places where she fits in really well. She’s sad she has to leave, but she’s excited for her future. I am too! I love that senior season is back. It means I get to meet all these hard-working people at a point in their lives where they’ve got wonderful goals they’re on the road to achieving. Being their photographer allows me the privilege of seeing a sliver of their lives, and knowing bits and pieces of them I’ll carry with me forever.

If you’re a senior and you’re on the lookout for a photographer, contact me HERE!



When you are looking at your mother, you are looking at the purest love you
will ever know. -C. Benetto

There are playful, sweet emotions that come out in a candid session, and it’s so beautiful to witness between a mommy and baby. Meet Aubrey, who just turned three months old, and her mommy. They love each other so much, and I really enjoyed getting to spend time with them. With the gorgeous white backdrop, and pretty florals, the scene was set for a perfect day together!

Sweet Aubrey was such a happy, loving baby! “We named her with the middle name Marie, after my great-grandmother who I never got to meet, but she had a huge impact on my life. I’ve heard so many wonderful stories about her form my mom and great-aunts”, explains mom, “At just three months old, she is learning to roll over, and practicing lots of tummy time. Aubrey wants to be wherever the action is, and doesn’t want to miss anything (just like her daddy). She always has a smile on her face, and has just begin to giggle! Her laugh is the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard.” Besides being on her tummy, and practicing being mobile, she also loves holding her little stuffed animals. “Being her mom has taught me more about love that I could have thought possible”, adds her mommy, “She brings so much joy to our lives, and her joy has been the more rewarding thing about being a parent.”



A child is a gift, a blessing to your life. But getting double the blessing is quite the gift! It was so fun working with these two precious little boys, Alex and August. They didn’t have a care in the world, which made the session go by so smoothly. I don’t get very many twin shoots, so I doubly treasure the times where I have this awesome privilege. They surprised their mother: “They were completely unexpected.”, she said,  “I found out I was pregnant with the boys shortly after my sister passed away. Her name was Jacquiline, and August is named after her. We were so blessed by this surprise, and they came into our lives at the perfect time.” She went on to describe her little bundles of joy’s nursery. “Their nursery takes after a bohemian style. Natural, bright earth tones with lots of cactus and some small plants for decoration. We really love the look of the natural wood cribs, surrounded by all the earthy decor.”

Since it was a twin session, I wanted to make sure I took pictures of each boy individually, as well as in tandem. It’s important for a twin to retain their individuality, and as a mother, it can be such a joy watching their different personalities unfold as time goes by. Mom says, “The most rewarding part of it all is seeing how different they already are. As a first time mom to twins, you can end up lumping your pregnancy together, and not think of them as individuals. But, even being so young, they both like and dislike different things! It’s been amazing getting to know them.”

It was such a great time capturing these moments for Alex and August’s family to look back on, and it made me reminisce about when my own were so little. Time goes by so fast, especially for a mom. It’s like you’re experiencing every day differently from everyone, which makes it so important to capture those moments where everything’s still. August and Alex may not move around too much now, but I can promise you that won’t last long!



You know what they say: “The third time’s the charm!” Well, it turned out to be correct! My little Pretty Princess Mini Sessions had to be rescheduled three times this summer because of weather concerns. I’m so glad we waited it out, because the day we finally met up, the weather was perfect and it was a beautiful day. Talk about some gorgeous girls. They loved getting dressed up in all the pretty dresses I had chosen, and I couldn’t have been happier about how it came out. The dresses you see below are from Dollcake Oh-So-Girly, and you can find them on Facebook HERE. They have some of the most gorgeous, feminine, and shabby-chic style dresses, complete with lots of ruffles and lace. It was exactly what I had in mind for these sessions. The beautiful archway prop was hand-decorated by one of my favorite local florists, Heaven Sent. Lastly, the little metal, vintage style crown brought the whole theme together, and was one of my favorite elements. I hope you enjoy scrolling through these darling images of some very special princesses.

Did you miss your chance to book one of these minis for the little princess in your life? Don’t worry, I can’t wait to do these again soon, and will announce any upcoming mini opportunities on my Facebook page. I love doing mini sessions, as they are an affordable and simple way for parents to keep up with their growing children and families. They are shorter, which are great for little ones, and they always have creative themes and inspiration. Who knows what I’ll dream up next!