How to Prepare for your 6 Month Session

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What a milestone! Your baby has reached such a fun age. Your little one is learning to sit up and developing their sweet personality. They probably love smiling, clapping, and listening to singing and talking. It means this is the perfect age for another milestone session!

For this session, I do provide “little sitter” outfits for my clients. They are outfits just like the newborns, but bigger!  You are more than welcome to use them OR if you prefer to bring your own that’s fine too. I just ask that you send me pictures of what you are planning on bringing, so that I can have something in mind in putting the set together with props, etc. For this session, we typically plan it in the studio because it is much easier for this age.

To schedule the session, please contact me no later than when your child is five months old, to get your session on my calendar. I usually schedule the 6 month shoot between 6-7 months, so that it will give the child time to at least be sitting unassisted, if possible.


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  1. Make sure the child’s hair is fixed and ready to go.
  2. Make sure the face is clean.
  3. Bring a snack just in case, but something that is not messy and will not stain the lips, tongue etc. Gerber puffs work great!
  4. IF you are bringing your own outfits, please make sure they are ready to go! Make sure they are wrinkle-free, fresh and clean.
  5. If at all possible, a well-rested little one! IF you have a particular time of the day that you need to schedule, please let me know ahead of time. I do designate certain days to try and schedule “little sitter” appointments so that they are back to back and if it interferes with a possible nap time, let me know OR if you can just make sure they get a nap in so they are happy and ready!
  6. IF you have someone to bring with you to help with making the child smile, please feel free to bring a person with you. Sometimes I will need you to help position the child, while I am in position to snap the pictures, and having someone behind being silly helps keep the child focused and hoping getting those cute little smiles!
  7. The session is typically up to 45 minutes in length.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!