How to Prepare For Your Newborn Session

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Preparing for your newborn session can be stressful and my job is to help lessen stress, not add to it. Chances are, if you’re a new parent, you’re sleep deprived and nervous about handing over your baby to a stranger. That’s why I work hard to ensure baby’s safety, and your peace of mind! So, I have provided this “how to prepare” for you!

The most important thing for preparing for your newborn session is to make sure the baby is “well-fed” RIGHT before you come. Even if it is not the normal time to feed, I need a sleepy, well-fed baby when you arrive. So, just be prepared for an unusual feeding schedule the day of the session. Trust me, it will be just fine.

I provide all the necessary outfits, wraps, hats, headbands, props for the session. I don’t need you to bring anything. My outfits are custom made to fit your precious little one and are so adorable! IF you have something you would like to incorporate into the session, I do ask that you let me know ahead of time, so that I know how to plan it into the session. I do have a workflow that makes the session easy for everyone and all the transitions as smooth as possible.

I prefer to schedule all my newborn sessions in the morning. I have found, along with a lot of professional photographers that I have mentored with been close friends with, that morning times are much better. Typically, the baby sleeps better because they have been up a lot during the night and sleep during the day. There are exceptions, but I do my best to schedule in the morning and during the weekday.

newborn photographer in orange texas

newborn photographer in orange texas



  1. Bring a well-fed baby and sleepy baby!
  2. Bring a pacifier! Even if you are not using one, please bring one. The pacifier sometimes helps transition a baby from one pose to the next. It helps soothe them without having to stop and feed them back to sleep. PLEASE not pacifiers that have the little animals attached. The preferred pacifier is the round green one.
  3. Bring extra to feed the baby. IF you are nursing, we can take a break to feed OR if you can put in a bottle, I will feed the baby when necessary.
  4. When you arrive, please bring the baby in the studio in the carrier. Once you arrive, I will take the baby into the area that I have prepared for a smooth and soothing transition. I will have a heater going to keep the area warm, a noise machine and a baby shusher. This will help keep the baby as comfortable as possible.
  5. PLEASE dress the baby in something that snaps OR zips in the front. It is much easier for me to transition a baby without having to remove something that goes over the head or multiple layers of clothing.
  6. If parents or siblings are going to be involved in the session, please make sure that you have your makeup and hair done, as well as nails cleaned and manicured. I suggest wearing neutral colors for the parent/family photos. I love using my natural light window, along with my beautiful white bed setup for parent/family shots. I will photograph the parent shots from the chest up.
  7. For Dads: a button up shirt, a short sleeved t-shirt are a suggestion (white, cream, chambray blue). No words or symbols on shirts. Can be worn with a pair of jeans or khakis.
  8. For Ladies: a nice top that is neutral in color to coordinate with the dad. We can discuss wardrobe as we need to, during the planning process.
  9. If there will be siblings involved in the session, I do suggest that they come at the end of the session. We can discuss the time for them to arrive, once we confirm your appointment.
  10. I do keep the atmosphere very quiet and calm throughout the session and the temperatures are a little warm. So, I suggest that you wear something light and comfortable. You can bring what you will be wearing for the parent portion of the session and change when we are ready.
  11. The sessions can last up to 3 hours. I try not to go over that time. So, come prepared for this length. I do have a coffee room where I provide drinks, coffee and snacks. If you need to bring anything else, please feel free to do so.

I hope this helps answers some questions for you on how to prepare for the session and what to expect. I highly recommend following this prep guide. It will hopefully ensure the best result for the best session possible. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!